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Update on COVID-19

At this time, the Don’t Quit Half Marathon & 5K is slated to take place in October. However, as a concerned community partner, we continue to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic closely. This is unprecedented and we want to take into account the safety of the entire community. Should we need to cancel the event due to COVID-19, participants will receive a full refund. We won’t make any official announcement until late summer. Stay well!

Help stop the stigma, take action, mile by mile!

Join us a Flag Pole Hill at White Rock Lake in Dallas as we take steps to stop mental health stigma! We are determined to change the conversation on mental health. No matter if you’re an elite runner, a competitive runner or a casual runner, you can make a difference by tackling the miles to make sure that those struggling with their mental health won’t ever feel alone. #DontQuit

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Flag Pole Hill, White Rock Lake, 8015 Doran Circle, Dallas, Texas

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